Tuesday, October 4, 2016

October is for Ghost Stories

October is the month of cool days and even cooler nights, the trees shedding their bright colored leaves, and…GHOST STORIES!  With the coming release of my Paranormal Horror, Body Evil, I thought it would be fun for people share their scary ghost stories with everyone on my Facebook event starting Oct 17th, and going through Oct 30th.

I know that most people have had a frightening experience with those no longer of the physical realm.  So, in honor of Halloween, I’d love for you to share your best bone-chilling stories.  Don’t worry about fancy writing skills or grammar, just share your story and give us all a chill up our spines.

Throughout the remainder of the month, I will be picking the best stories and posting them on my Author Blog.  So, put on your storytelling caps and scare us all.

**On Oct 31th, the 5 stories with the most LIKES will receive a FREE ebook copy of Boding Evil.**

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