Saturday, September 16, 2017

I must say goodbye

I've had fun with you here on Blogger but I've made the decision to move my blog to Wordpress. I invite you to join me there for some more fun posts and adventures in blogging. A few of you may recognize some posts from here, but I enjoyed them so much I wanted to share them with my new friends too. My new blog is: WELCOME TO MY WORLD - ENTER THE MIND OF A WRITER.

I will keep this blog open for a while as I get everything set up on my new one. I hope you'll join me as I continue my adventure in blogging.

I want to thank you all for your support and I wish you all the best - Linda

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Another FUN show on Deadly Reads Radio

I was thrilled to have Screenwriter/Author Doug Richardson return to Deadly Reads Radio.

Doug Richardson is an American Screenwriter and Novelist who specializes in Action Movies and Thrillers. You can learn more about Doug by visiting his website. 

Doug returned to talk with us about his latest installment of Lucky Dey Thriller series, now available at Amazon.  As always, we shared lots of laughs while we caught up with him.

You can listen to our show with Doug and other great guests on our YouTube Channel.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Important Shows on Deadly Reads Radio

Many of you know I also have a YouTube channel called Deadly Reads Radio.  On our shows we talk with those in the Publishing and Entertainment industries about their projects and careers.  However, we, at Deadly Reads are also proud supporters of Essure Awareness.  

I'm sure many of you have never heard of the Essure Birth Control Device, and many of you who have were told it was a safe procedure with no dangerous side-effects.  My daughter-in-law was one of those women.  However, all the promises of a carefree form of birth control ended in tragedy for her. Failing health, intense pain, and other issues are what Essure gave her.

After meeting several women on the Essure Problems Facebook page, I decided it was time to alert women of this not only dangerous, but DEADLY device.  Below is our first show in a series, where women who are suffering from Essure called in and shared their stories.  This is an important series for women to educate themselves before allowing Essure to be put inside their bodies.  Please listen to their words, and then share it with every woman you know.  We must prevent women from falling prey to a sales pitch that is not only a lie, but may cost them their health or even their lives.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Texas Strong

Well, it looks like Harvey is FINALLY leaving Texas. I cannot believe all the destruction it has left behind since first making landfall. As I watch the news reports of all the flooding, I cannot help but cry at all the loss. Last night, Harvey hit our little corner of Texas with full force. My husband and I stayed up into the wee hours of the morning watching the rescues of those facing the water flooding into their homes.

I cannot begin to say how proud I am of the first responders from the Federal level all the way down to the city level, as well as private individuals. Watching the military helicopters pulling stranded people up to safety, and the police officers going around their communities in dump trucks picking up people and taking them to safety has made my heart burst with pride. Then watching the average citizens who have come with their boats and ski-doos and spent long, hard hours of going up and down the flooded streets, getting people and pets to safety has restored my faith in my fellow Americans.

We are still in a flash flood warning until 4:30 am, Thursday morning, but after that, we are supposed to have several days of sunshine. Once Harvey is officially gone, the work of cleaning up and rebuilding begins. I know Texans will be up to the task because Texans don't know how to give up.

Thank you all for your prayers and God Bless Texas.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Prayers for Texas

Many of you may not know but I'm a proud Texan. I may not have been born in Texas, but I will be here until it's my time to leave this life.  I love this state and its people with their independent spirit and strong faith in God.  Texans are a unique breed.  It's true that everything is bigger in Texas.  However, what I believe that means is it's because Texans always do things in a big way.

Now to the reason for this post.  The news media has shown the world the devastation Texans are facing with the arrival of Harvey.  Thousands upon thousands of Texans have lost everything with no promise of this storm letting up for several more days.  The rain just keeps coming, hour after hour.  Some areas are still suffering the strong winds along with the endless rain.

For those of you who have never faced a hurricane, I can tell you the destructive power is something you can never imagine in your worst nightmares.  The wind sounds like a freight train barreling down on you with the rain coming at you like bullets.  Then you have to worry about the tornadoes that appear suddenly out of the clouds, adding to the destruction.  I have experienced fires, floods, tornadoes, and even earthquakes, but NOTHING matches the terror a hurricane brings.  The power of a hurricane shows us just how small we truly are in the scheme of things.

As of this morning, we are feeling the effects of the outer bands of Harvey as it makes its slow move eastward.  The reports of how it will more than likely continue until Thursday are unbelievable.  I cannot imagine the about of destruction it can do in that time.  I worry for those in its direct path.  I worry for our daughter who is a police officer in one of the communities having a problem with flooding at this time.  Being a first responder, she cannot evacuate.  She has to stay to help keep her community safe.  While I'm proud of her, as a mother, I'm also worried for her safety.

As I write this post, the rain continues to fall.  We are blessed because our home is dry, and we still have electricity, phone service, and Internet service.  I'm praying that we live to the north enough that we don't get a direct hit should Harvey decide to swerve back out into the gulf and gather more strength.

I know Texans will survive this brutal attack from Harvey.  I know Texans will pull together and rebuild.  Heck, Texans are a tough and resilient breed.  So, as I close this post I ask for your prayers and well wishes for Texas.  Harvey may have kicked us in the teeth, but he hasn't knocked us down.