Friday, October 14, 2016

It's time for Halloween!

I'm thrilled to announce that I'm putting the final touches on my Paranormal Horror, Boding Evil.  This is my first attempt at this popular genre, and I must confess it's been lots of fun.  I had started this story a few years ago, but it always seemed to get put on the back burner.  Partially, because of other projects taking my attention, but mostly because its been a scary story to write.  You see, this story is a compilation of stories told to me over the years of experiences people had themselves.  Now, as an author, of course, I've taken some creative license with the story-line, but several of the events told in this fictional story are taken directly from those who claimed to have lived them.

This is why I guess I kept finding a reason to put this book aside for so long.  Being a big coward when it comes to Horror, I found myself only being able to write during the daylight hours.  This, of course, was a bad thing since I normally write late into the night. LOL

Starting on Monday, October 17th, I'm having a Halloween event on Facebook, SHARE YOUR GHOST STORY, where I'm inviting people to share their scary, TRUE stories of ghosts and things that go bump in the night.  This will go through October 30th, and the 5 stories with the most LIKES will win a FREE ebook copy of Boding Evil to be sent to them on October 31st.

I hope that you'll join me and share your scary stories...after all, it is Halloween!

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