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Introducing Indie Author Lisa Vandiver and her latest release Mystic Mist

Hello, I am so excited about this interview.  Today we will be spending some time with Indie Author Lisa Vandiver, and two characters from her thrilling book, Mystic Mist.

Lisa, I want to thank you for dropping by today and bringing Erich and Iseabail along with you.  I’m sure that everyone will enjoy getting to know more about each of you, as well as their adventure in Mystic Mist.

Lisa: Hi, Linda, thank you for inviting me.  I am thrilled to be here.  This is going to be fun.

Iseabail: Hello, I am very excited to be with you today, I was thrilled when Lisa informed me of your kind invitation.

Erich: Hi, Linda, Thank you very much for the invitation.  I’m very glad to be with you today.

I cannot begin to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your latest release, Mystic Mist.  It really is quite different from other fantasy books out there today.  Can you please share with everyone what inspired you?

Thank you, I’m glad you enjoyed it.  Aside from romance, I also enjoy writing fantasy, sci-fi, horror, and paranormal stories. I love the medieval era.  As I began taking notes for Mystic Mist, and building the plotline, I found inspiration from such stories as Harry Potter, Lord of the Ring, and Twilight, though I jokingly say, my vampires don’t glitter.  They are dark, cold, brutal, and much stronger and more powerful than earth’s vampires are.  I have heard the saying, Write what you know, but in this case, I wrote what I love.

Erich, in the book we learn that you are quite the swordsman.  Will you share with us how long you have practiced the art of sport fencing, and why it is so important to you?

I have been involved with the sport of fencing from the time I could hold a small sword in my hand. (laughing)  My father practiced with me daily, and taught me relaxing methods, known as Caryaga, which helped me prepare for my workout and exercises.  I involved myself deeply in this sport because I enjoyed it.  When we were at home, my father and I would pull out our real swords and spar.  There was nothing better to me, than sparing with Dad.  I was hooked.  I loved the feel of the sword in my hand.  When I sparred, I was extremely serious, but I had fun with it.  When I was a little boy growing up in Scotland, every evening after dinner, my parents and I would gather around the fireplace and Dad would read stories from Legends.  As a boy, I really felt as though I was inside the story as the knights wielded their swords against an enemy.  I knew from an early age, that this sport would always be a part of my life.

I’m sure in all those years of practice, you never thought you would need to use it for protection against a foe trying to kill you?

I absolutely had no idea about the enemy that is now on earth. In fact, I had no idea about a lot of things my parents kept secret from me.  I’m not angry with them for keeping the secrets.  I understand why… they kept them to protect me.  As a boy, I participated in a sport I enjoyed, I now look back and see that my father was preparing me…just in case the hellavey somehow made it to earth.  I absolutely appreciate his forethought, in that one day I might have to actually defend myself using my skills. I owe my life to the teachings my father bestowed on me from childhood to adulthood.

Iseabail, in the story we learn how the Mystic Mist swept you up and transported you to earth.  Will you please share with us your first opinion of our world?

When I first awoke, I was in a cave, so immediately, I thought earth might have been primitive with its people living in caves.  However, my opinion quickly changed once we journeyed outside, and I saw the beautiful waterfall and the lush, green forest with the fall colored leaves.  The beauty took my breath, away; even though the entire time I was on earth, it rained.  I would imagine that when the sun shines, it must truly be a beautiful place.  My only regret is that I did not see the ‘trains’ and ‘planes’, that Erich spoke of.  When I met the fairies, I realized our two worlds were similar in that we both share them with magical creatures, though some earthlings may not be aware of their presence.

I do have to admit the Hellavay are some frightening creatures.  Erich, will you please share with us your first thought when you saw one?

Oh, I was terrified, when they exited the mist.  It was like a scene from a horror flick.  My heart raced, my pulse skipped a couple of beats, and I think at one point, that I actually stopped breathing, as the creature crept closer to our hiding place.

I know that I wouldn’t want to come face-to-face with one.  (laughs nervously)

Iseabail, in the book, Lisa tells us of your world.  The description she gives, paints a vivid picture of beautiful gardens and the grandeur of the castle grounds.  Will you please share with us what it was like growing up in such a place?

I had such a wonderful childhood growing up in Carasylia, and particularly in the kingdom of Eloweena. When I traveled to the royal city of Elegantae, below Castle Hill, I always had a company of guards with me.  I thoroughly enjoyed traveling to the royal city for various occasions, and the town folk were always lovely folk.  I always enjoyed listening to the horse’s hoofs as they clopped along the cobblestone streets.
My fondest memory of my childhood was staring out my bedroom window watching the twin suns rise and set over Serenity Mountain.  A huge waterfall flows from atop the mountain, cascading into the river below.
My parents were good parents to us.  They were strict disciplinarians, but they always had time for each child.  We had fun together.  My father taught me how to whittle, much to Mother’s horror(laughing), but she eventually accepted it.  I enjoyed riding horses with my father and brother, Aiden. We rode as often as Father could afford the time.  Aiden always made me laugh with his teasing ways and quirky sense of humor.
With my mother, I enjoyed leisurely picnics in the garden, and strolls along the riverbank.
Clair was my dearest friend, and we did most things together, except when we were in tra’nata, ah, school in your language.  We spent many nights sitting under the stars and twin moons, laughing and talking about our futures.  I could go on and on about all the things I enjoy there, so I supposed I should stop now.  One thing for sure, though we experienced many bad things such as attacks from hellavey and Firedreda, I would not want a different life, because my family are wonderful people.  As I look back on the hard times, I see now that those moments are what bonded us together as a family, and as a kingdom.

It sounds like a lovely place to live, full of happy memories.  Thank you for sharing that with us, Iseabail.

Okay, I have to ask.  Erich, Iseabail, when the two of you first met, what did you think of each other?

Erich: My immediate thought was that she was an angel falling from the sky.  Then when the hellavey appeared, I half expected her to change into one.  However when she awoke the next morning, I realized she was a normal human, ah, person, who just happened to be from another world; it then became my responsibility to protect her.

Iseabail(blushing)”  That is so sweet, Erich, you thought I was an angel?  When I first met Erich, I thought he was quite handsome, but I had no idea what he had planned to do with me.  When he attempted to communicate with me, I then realized that he meant me no harm, so I decided I really had no choice, but to trust him at that point.

Erich(laughing: )Our first morning was quite an experience, wasn’t it?  I was impressed with how quickly you caught on to my language.

Iseabail(giggling):  And I thought your attempt with mine was quite humorous.

Erich(rolling eyes, but laughing)”  Okay, okay, I admit it, I was not a natural linguist at first, but I’m proud to say I’m getting quite fluent with it now.  I’ve realized it’s very close to my native language, so it’s clicking with me now.

I’m sure after everything the two of you went through in the book, you have developed a lasting friendship.  Is there anything you want to suggest to Lisa for any future installments?

Erich:  Yes, please let me have a chance to battle Firedreda!

Iseabail:  I want to visit the beautiful garden once more.

Lisa, I understand that Mystic Mist is the first book of your New Breed Series.  Will you please share with us how many installments you’re planning, and what you mean by New Breed?

I don’t know how many installments there will actually be.(laughing nervously)  I’m planning at least seven, but honestly, this story is not in my hands except for the penning of it.  It is amazing the arguments I’ve had with these two characters as well as with others, all wanting their turn on the pages.  I have numerous characters to explore within this series.

New Breed.  The hellavey are vampires in nature, but much more fierce, brutal, and strong.  The hellavey have other strengths and powers that earth vampires do not have.  Imagine the powers of the earth vampires, and then times it by a thousand.  These creatures will be unlike any creature earth has encountered…ever.  Therefore, I likened them to a new breed of creatures arriving to earth.

At the same time, though Erich is a mere human, his arrival to Carasylia makes him a new breed to their culture.  He has similar skills matching any knight there, but also brings with him knowledge, power, unlike any Carasylian has witnessed.  In both cases, these ‘new breeds’ coming to foreign worlds, will be instrumental in changing those worlds dramatically, forever.

I know that you’ve been working on the second installment in the series titled, Hellavey.  Will you share with us a little of what you have planned for this book, and when you estimate its release.

Sure, we will pick up with Erich and Iseabail in book two where we left them in book one.  We will also discover what happens when the hellavey finally make it into the local townships of New England.  With this story, I will be introducing new characters, ones that will be a big part of the future installments as earthlings began fighting for their survival in their struggle against the hellavey.

It sounds very exciting.  I can’t wait to read it.

Is there anything else any of you would like to add?

Lisa: I hope you and your readers will join Erich in the future installments as he explores a new planet. I promise you, you will not be bored as there will be plenty more action as he battles hellavey, dragons, and will have to distinguish friend from foe in the kingdom of Aspella. Iseabail, meanwhile, will be having her own adventure in the kingdom of Eloweena as she reunites with Clair. However, her happiness may be short lived when some disturbing news is delivered to her…  Also, we will visit Steaphan, Lorne, and Keilwen once again as the New Breed series continues. I am having a blast as I write this Fantasy Adventure story! (Smiling)

Oh my, look at the time.  I want to thank the three of you for dropping by today, and letting us get to know you better.  I’m sure that everyone is anxious to read Mystic Mist, and follow Erich and Iseabail as they take on the dreaded Hellavey.

Lisa: I knew this was going to be fun, thank you for the chance to share Mystic Mist and the New Breed series with you and your readers.

Iseabail: Yes, it was fun. Thank you, Linda for your time. I hope to have you and your readers visiting me in Eloweena soon.

Erich: This was a great time, thank you, Linda. You are a great interviewer. I can’t wait to fight some more Hellavey, dragons, and do some exploring!

Mystic Mist is available in ebook on Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  It’s also available in paperback on Amazon.

Lisa also invites all of you to follow her on:
Her Author Page on the Deadly Reads Website

Lisa was kind enough to do an interview with Clay from my latest release, Hellfire's Judgment on her blog, Lisa's Place . Drop by and meet him, and while you're there support her blog by following it. Thanks.

I want to thank all of you for dropping by, and I hope you have a blessed day.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Whew, I have been busy!

I know that I haven't posted in a while, but something always seems to come up.  Since the last time, my book HELLFIRE'S JUDGMENT has gone live on Amazon,  Barnes & Noble,  Apple iBooks, and the rest of the  Smashwords outlets. It has also received several great reviews in the short time since it's release.

I was pleased with my first time offering one of my books as a Pre-Order. While I didn't get the thousands of Pre-Orders I had hoped for, I was pleased with the results anyway.  I want to thank those who Pre-Ordered Hellfire's Judgment, and I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

Since I published Hellfire's Judgment, I have begun writing my next book titled, Surrender of Freedom - A People Betrayed. This will be another book to tug at you emotions, and make you question your reality.

My next project was my first children't book, Sheriff Bunny and the Lucky Horseshoe, available on Amazon.  For those of you who have read my other books, I'm sure that you are surprised to see such a book come from my dark and twisted mind.  Well, you see, I have been blessed with 5 of the sweetest grandchild one could ever have.  The only problem was Nana's books were not the type that little ones needed to have read to them.  So, I decided to write a book that I could share with them.  I had such a good time writing and creating the images for Sheriff Bunny and the Lucky Horseshoe, that I plan to continue with the Happy Farm Series.

In my next post, I will be interviewing Indie Author Lisa Vandiver, where she will share her insights on writing, and tell us about her exciting new release, Mystic Mist -  Book 1 in the New Breed Series.

Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple iBooks, and the rest of the Smashwords outlets.

I highly recommend this book!  It kept my on the edge of my seat, and loving every moment of this highly charged story.

If you haven't done so yet, I'd like to invite you to follow me on Twitter,  Pinterest, and my Facebook Author Page.  I'd also like to invite you to drop by my website, and take a look around.

Take care and Happy Reading!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Countdown to Hellfire's Judgment Setp. 2nd Release Day

I’m excited to announce that Hellfire’s Judgment is now a full-length novel taken from the 2012 short story. You can Pre-Order your copy today for a reduced price of ONLY 99 cents!

If someone brutally raped someone you love, and then escaped justice what would you do? Unfortunately, this dilemma faces far too many families. In my latest release, Hellfire’s Judgment, the Jefferies family is forced to face this very problem. The member of a prominent local family attacked their thirteen daughter.  
From the time of his youth, Todd Gensen had been taught that he was entitled to special treatment in the eye of the law due to his family name. That was until he stepped over the line and attacked Sherry Jefferies. Clay Jefferies loved his family and refused to watch them live in fear, so he did what he believed was best to protect them.

If you kill the man who brutally raped your granddaughter, 
is it justice or murder?

Pre-Orders available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Apple iBooks for ONLY 99 cents! Paperbacks in standard and large print are also available on Amazon.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Pros and Cons of being an Indie Author

I have been reading several posts on Facebook the last few days about the ongoing changes in publishing lately.  It seems that the big players are positioning themselves to grab a bigger piece of the action, while making it more difficult on the little guys: The Indie Author.

We are all aware of how Amazon is the 800 lb gorilla in the room, and there is no escaping the fact that they control the majority of ebook sales.  We all know how Amazon has made it possible for thousands of self-published authors to reach more readers than any other outlet available today, but that all seems to be growing more difficult with each passing day.  Now, I'm not complaining about Amazon's business practices because they are in business to make money just like anyone else. They will do as they see fit to remain successful, and that's just a part of being in business. They never promised us successful writing careers, only a place to offer our books to their large customer base.  However, with the numerous ereader devices available today, readers have more options than ever.

I have thought about all the changes, and I decided to offer my opinion of the Pros and Cons of being self-published.

CONS - As any Indie Author knows, it is a difficult road to travel when you decide to self-publish.  You are not only responsible for every aspect of preparing your book for publication, but you also have to learn how to reach the readers on your own.  I, for one, am amazed at all the different advise out there for Indie Authors on how to become successful, but so far most of it doesn't seem to help the majority of us. We all spend hours promoting our books across the numerous social media outlets, all with the hope of reaching readers who will fall in love with our books.  We give our books away by the thousands through Amazon Select with the hope that just a handful of them will actually be read, and then we wait for the reviews that never seem to come. We panic every time Amazon changes their algorithm, or comes up with a new program; such as Select, Prime, or now, Kindle Unlimited. We collectively hold our breath and pray for the best, while hoping it doesn't kill the little sales we currently enjoy.

PROS - For all the bad, there is even more good when it comes to self-publishing.  WE have the control over our own destiny.  We get to decide the direction we go with our careers, and we get to decide what we write.  I must admit that I once had dreams of being signed with a big publisher. I wanted to have the guarantee of professionals holding my hand and molding me as a writer.  Then, I thought of what that meant, and I realized I'm too set in my ways to hand over control of something that lives inside of me. I have the freedom to choose my cover designs, when I will publish my books, and how I will tell my stories. I don't have to follow some artificial format for the genre I choose to write, or write something because it's the hot trend at the moment.  No one is depending on me for their livelihood, so I don't have to endure the pressure to produce. We have so many options today as Indie Authors. We can create an ebook, upload it, and sell it to anyone who want to enjoy our labor of love.  We can get our books put into paperback or hardback, and even audiobook.  It is quite exciting what we have available to us today. We all have the freedom to write for the LOVE OF WRITING, which hopefully allows us to grow into better writers over time.

I recently came across a very interesting blog post on UP where they give some interesting stats on how readers buy books.  Here are a few things that jumped out at me -

Statistic: Do readers prefer eBooks or printed books? (Source: Wall Street Journal)

6% of people read only eBooks.

46% of people read only printed books.

48% of people read both eBooks and printed books. (Of those, 33% read more printed books or at least as much printed as they do eBooks.)

Lesson: If you have low eBook sales, then maybe it’s because readers prefer printed books.

Statistics = Reality. You may or may not like the results of these statistics, but your success depends on adapting to the reality of what readers are actually doing.

Go to the Blog post to read more interesting information.
 As authors, we need to decide what drives us to write our books.  Do we write for wealth and fame, or do we write because we have stories inside of us, begging to be told? While I wouldn't mind to earn some wealth from my writing, I understand the chance is greater than not that I will never see my bank account over-flowing with royalty payments. Therefore, I will continue to write because the voices in my head have stories to tell, but more importantly because it makes me happy.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The progress of my next release - Hellfire's Judgment

Nearly every day on the nightly news or on the internet, we see reports of heinous crimes committed on the most innocent, and nothing ever seems to come of it.  How many times have we heard of a child violated in the most cruel way, only to learn that the perpetrator never faced judgment because of a corrupt lawyer or judge twisting the law ?  What was the first thought to come into your mind?  What if it was your child?

Clay Jefferies was faced with those difficult questions and he answered them in the only way he knew how.  Hellfire's Judgment is the story of a man, faced with the difficult decision of how to protect his granddaughters from a man who believed himself above the law.  A man who had brutally raped his 12 year old granddaughter and was able to escape conviction.  

In 2012, I published Hellfire's Judgment as a short story; however, after receiving several requests, I have done a complete rewrite and it will soon be re-released as a full-length novel.  I have to say that it has been difficult at times to revisit the characters, and to experience the roller-coaster ride of emotions again as I found myself crying or burning with rage, while the story flowed from my mind. To write of such a dark subject is very draining, but the characters demanded to be heard so I was helpless to resist.

I have nearly completed the rewrite, and it will soon begin the editing process. I look forward to making this available to you, and I know that you will experience the same roller-coaster ride of emotions as I did.

Here is a small sampling of Hellfire's Judgment - 

“Where is your sister?  She's been been gone for nearly an hour!”  Carolyn lifted Amy off the changing table, and then walked to the front window.  “Maybe she stopped at Megan’s and has lost track of time.  I’ll call and ask if they have seen her.”  Carolyn walked to her chair, and placed Amy on her lap.
“Your sister is in real trouble,” she said to Amy, knowing the baby had no idea why her mother was so upset.  She picked up her cell phone and dialed the number, and then waited as the phone rang several times with no answer.  “Huh, she’s not there.  Now I’m really getting worried,” Carolyn groaned, while dialing Ray at the feed store.
“Jefferies Feed, how may I help you?” Ray said, as he held the telephone receiver with his shoulder, so he could give a customer his change and receipt.
“Ray, I let Sherry ride her bike to the store for me and she’s been gone for nearly an hour.  I called over to Megan’s house because I figured she probably stopped there and has just lost track of the time, but there was no answer.  Oh Ray, I’m really worried.”
“I’m sure she’s fine.  She probably just met up with one of her friends, and doesn’t realize how long she’s been gone.”
“I don’t know.  I have the strangest feeling that something has happened to her.  I’m going to drive to the store and see if I can find her.”  Carolyn stood and grabbed her car keys off the small table by the front door.
“Okay, but if you don’t find her call me back,” the concern was clear in his voice.
“I will.”  Carolyn hung up and rushed outside.  “Your sister is going to be in big trouble when I find her,” she said to Amy as she put her in the car seat.  “When I find you, you are going to be in such trouble!”
When Carolyn drove past Megan’s house, she could see that no one was home.  “Okay, so you’re not here.”  She then continued on to the supermarket.  By the time she pulled into the store parking lot, her heart was pounding in her chest with such intensity that she wondered if it would explode.  “I knew I shouldn’t have let her go this far from home alone.  Why didn’t I trust my instincts?” she said to herself with both anger and fear welling up inside of her.
Carolyn pulled up to the entry doors, and looked for Sherry’s bike.  However, to her horror, it was not there.  “Where are you, Sherry?”  Unsure of what to do next, she pulled into a parking space and called Ray.
Ray grabbed the telephone receiver, praying this was a call from Carolyn, “Jefferies Feed.”
“Ray, I can’t find her anywhere!  She wasn’t at Megan’s and she’s not at the store.  Where could she be?” Carolyn cried with tears streaming down her cheeks.
“I don’t know, but you need to go back home in case she shows up there, and then you need to call the police department to let them know that she is missing.  I’ll call dad and get a group of men together and begin searching the area.”  Ray said a silent prayer that Sherry was at home waiting for Carolyn.  He then looked out of the window and realized it was beginning to grow dark outside.  “Sweetheart, get back home and I’ll check in with you in a bit.”
With terrifying thoughts swirling in his mind, Ray turned to his yard foreman and said, “Frank, I have to leave.  Will you close up for me?”
“Sure, is there something wrong?”  Frank could see the fear in Ray’s eyes, as he walked to the counter.
“I hope not,” were the only words Ray said as he rushed out the door. 

I hope that you have enjoyed this sampling of Hellfire's Judgment. I look forward to seeing it completed and available for publishing, and I will keep you advised of its progress and publish date.  I also plan to offer Pre-Orders at a greatly reduced price, so check back often for when that option will be available.  Thank you again for your support.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

What I've been up to lately

As many of you may know I started a little business venture called Deadly Reads the end of last year.  When I first came up with the idea, I had grand plans for it, but after time reality set in and I knew what Deadly Reads was meant to be... a way for new authors to find the help they need to realize their dream of self publishing.

When I published my first book, Next Move, You're Dead back in March of 2011, I had NO idea what I was doing. I foolishly thought that you only needed to write a book, and the rest would somehow fall into place.  Boy, was I clueless!

I had no idea just how complicated self publishing could be to someone who did not understand the process of preparing a book for publishing, let alone all of the work to come once the book went LIVE on Amazon. As a first time author, I ran into numerous people wanting to help me get my book prepared for publishing.  The only problem was I would have cleaned out my life's savings, and had to offer up my first born to pay for their reasonable fees. Then of course, there are those companies who will do all the work for you, but will take the majority of the earnings from YOUR books. I don't know about you, but if you don't at least see a slim profit from all the work and sweat you put into writing your books, then it's just an expensive hobby.  While I love to write, I would still like to make some money for my effort. I don't think that's asking for too much.

Well this is where Deadly Reads Author services comes into play.  With the understanding that most people do not have endless funds to prepare their book for publishing, I have gathered together some talented people to help those wanting to join the thousands of other Indie Authors, who enjoy the freedom of self-publishing. We will be offering editing, proofreading, formatting for ebook and print, book cover design, book trailer creation, as well as other exciting features at a price with will NOT break the bank.

Another feature we will be offering is our Mentoring Program.  This is a membership program where you will have someone at your side as you take your first steps in self-publishing, or if you are already published and just tired of going it alone.

If you are interested in seeing what Deadly Reads has to offer, drop by our website for more information.

Monday, May 26, 2014

It's my turn on the My Writing Process Blog Tour

Welcome to my stop on the My Writing Process Blog Tour. I normally would do my best to hide from things such as this, but my dear friend, fellow writer and partner at Deadly Reads, Lisa Vandiver asked me to be a part of this.  For some strange reason, which is beyond me, she thought that I should share the process of how I write my books. Nothing like the pressure of someone who believes in your ability, dang it. LOL

As I sit here, mulling over in my mind of how to put what I do into words, I cannot help but feel a tightening in my chest at wondering if I can make this both an informative and entertaining experience for you, without letting it out that for the most part, I have no magic formula for writing my books...oops, I skipped ahead. Dang, I hate spoilers. Okay, so, without any further ado, let's get going!

1) What am I working on?

Wow, where do I begin?  I have so many projects going on at the present time.  Okay, well first I recently finished the first round of edits on Lisa Vandiver's book Mystic Mist, which is the first book in her New Breed Series. I have to say that it is a great book, and I know that it will be well received by the readers once she makes it available. You know it's a good book when the editor keeps getting lost in the story. LOL 

Second on my to-do list is my book, Hellfire's Judgement.  I had first published this book as a short story a couple of years ago, but the readers seem to feel that they want more.  So, after some thought on it, I pulled it off the virtual shelf and dove in. I must say that I am enjoying revisiting the characters in this story, in spite of the difficult subject matter.  I am looking forward to the day I am able to re-introduce everyone to Clay and his family.

My other exciting project is my first attempt at horror.  It's a different type of book for me, but I am having a blast with it.  The title is "4" - A Cursed Bloodline will forever live in fear. It is the story of a vengeful spirit, that rains down horror on the family of the man who murdered is wife and three children. This book has taken me to a dark place that I have never been before, and I have to say that I find myself enjoying my time with this character.

I have a few other projects brewing around in my mind, but I'll save those for a later time.

2) How does my work differ from others in its genre?

Now, this is a tough question. How does one answer this question without seeming as though they are bragging or just making something up so as not to sound foolish?  Hmmm, let me think a moment....
I guess the best way to tell you how my work is different from others is very simple, I wrote it. There, I said it, whew! I have never compared myself to other writers because we all have our own talent, vision of what a story should have, and our own personalities which come across in how a story is developed. However, if you must know what I think the difference is, I don't follow the rules.  I know there are certain formulas we are supposed to follow, but I find that boring.  I like to follow the characters lead, and if that means I don't follow the normal way a story should be structured, well then, I will march to my own drummer.  I have decided that my books are those that a reader will really enjoy, or think is a complete disaster.  No grey area for me, but that is how I am in my life, so it only makes sense to find that same feeling in my books.

3) Why do I write what I write?

This one is easy. I write what I write because the VOICES make me, and my muse, who is also my husband, seems to think up the most deliciously dark stories. I guess that writing has released the dark force living deep inside of me. Yeah, I know, it surprises me as well. LOL

4) How does my writing process work?

Dang, now we are at this question. I know that authors all have their special rituals for writing. Some listen to their favorite head-banger music, and others need something soft and soothing playing in the back ground. Some have boards hanging on the wall, with plot notes attached all over the place, while others have a complete plot layout to work off.  Now, I'm not that organized.  While I do have a word document with simple notes and characters names, for the most part, I write by the seat of my pants.  I tried doing the plot outlines, but the voices NEVER behave. If you ever want to think that you have gone completely insane, try having an argument with a character in your mind if you are trying to take it in a direction that it doesn't want to go...been there, done that.

Therefore, I have surrendered to the characters as they tell me THEIR story.  I write what they tell me, and I never try to force them to a place that they do not want to go. I have often wondered if people who have multiple personalities are just authors who never knew it. LOL

I have to laugh when people learn that I'm an author, and then act as though I have some mystical power with the written word. I tell them that everyone has a writer inside of them, they just have to listen to the voices. So, if you want to know my process, it's as simple as sitting in my chair, wearing my comfortable slippers, and typing on my worn-out laptop. Nothing fancy or complex; just a woman who loves to share the stories swirling around in her mind. 

Whew, that wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Maybe I need to do this more often?

A big thank you to Lisa Vandiver!  
I want to thank Lisa for inviting me to join the Blog Tour and force me out of my comfort zone. If you want to follow a great writer, as well as an all-around wonderful person, go check out Lisa' entry in the My Writing Process on her blog, Lisa's Place. I promise that you will be happy you did. You can also find Lisa on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and on the DeadlyReads website. 

Now on to the next step in our little Blog Tour...

I am thrilled to introduce the two authors that I suckered, I mean, that have graciously agreed to continue the fun on their blogs for the My Writing Process Blog Tour.

First, we have Karen/K.L. Docter-

Karen will have her entry for the My Writing Process Blog Tour on Tues, May 27th at

Karen writes two different kinds of romance novels: Romantic Suspense w/a K.L. Docter and Contemporary Romance (with a kick of humor) w/a Karen Docter.

Karen's contemporaries are cute & spicy romances. She loves writing about real men and women with dreams and goals that don't allow for a relationship just so she can throw them in each other's path...with a tickle and a smile.

K.L.'s romantic suspense is filled with romance, too, all though the dangers the hero and heroine face are intense, usually because a serial killer is bent on ending one of both of their lives before they can fall in love.

Karen/K.L.'s an award winning author, four-time Romance Writers of America® Golden Heart® finalist, and won the coveted Kiss of Death Romance Writers Daphne du Maurier Award Catagory (Series) Romantic Mystery Unpublished division. 

When she's not saving her characters from death and destruction, or helping them fall in love, she loves camping and fishing with her family, reading, gardening, and cooking. If she can do most of those things over a campfire, all the better. 

Next we have Nickie Asher-

Nickie will have her entry for the My Writing Process Blog Tour on Monday, May 26th at

Nickie writes dark urban fantasy, horror, contemporary romance, and erotica. Her work has been described as complex, realistic, frightening, and erotic. Besides mayhem, she loves writing stories that have a strong love story, entwined with action filled plots. A member of Romance Writers of America, Nickie believes that no matter how much her characters have to suffer, they deserve their Happily Ever After. You can also find Nickie on Facebook, Twitter, and her Website.

I want to thank Karen and Nickie for agreeing to share with you the fascinating way they develop their stories in the My Writing Process Blog Tour.  I'm sure that everyone is looking forward to learn how they write the books that keep their readers turning the pages, as much as I am.

We have come to the end of our time together on this little Blog Tour. I want to thank you for stopping today, and I hope you will come back often.  

Friday, May 16, 2014

I just don't understand some people...

As I was scrolling through my facebook timeline the yesterday, I came across a rather disturbing post.  In it, a very talented author that I'm honored to know, mentioned how someone had called her a traitor since she has signed on with someone.  I left a comment, telling her not to listen to their foolishness, as they were only jealous of her success, and then I went on my way and shared the normal funny pictures and such, not thinking of it again.

I went to bed that night, when suddenly her words flowed into my mind, and I found myself growing angry.  How is anyone a traitor for taking a different path with THEIR writing career?  Why would anyone feel the need to split writers into groups anyway? Are we not ALL writers?  Do we not all live to tell the stories swirling around in our minds? Therefore, why is it necessary to split us up into groups, other than to make oneself feel better for not achieving a conceived level of success that THEY desire.

When I began writing my first book, I had dreams of wealth and fame.  However, after I published for the first, I soon learned that if I only wanted those things, then I was cheating myself out of the joy of writing.  I'm not saying that I wouldn't love to have the next best selling novel and make a boat-load of money, but I would NEVER begrudge the writer who did.  I know several writers who began publishing the same time as me, and some have seen great success with their careers, but not once was I jealous of them. I am thrilled for their successes, and I know that someday, with the right book, I may enjoy the same.

I don't care if you are an Indie, traditionally published, or a mixture of both. We are all writers, and to me that makes us a family.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Just a random thought....

As I look outside and see the green grass and all the leaves covering the trees that just a few short weeks ago were barren, I cannot help but marvel at the beauty of the life.  Too often we get so caught up in our daily lives and forget to just stop and look around at all the wondrous things that surround us.  Just the most simple of things can bring us joy if we would only take a moment to notice them.  From a squirrel scampering across the yard, to a humming bird feeding from the feeder hanging by your window, or a beloved dog greeting you at the door.

Life passes us by too quickly not to take the time and look around; for who knows, you may never have the opportunity to see it again.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Hello again!

I know that I have been bad about keeping this blog updated, but for some reason I always seem to find an excuse to stay away. Okay, I guess I just need to be honest and confess that I am a Blog-a-phobic. I know that's not a real word, but what else would you call someone who is terrified of blogging?

In my attempt to learn the fine art of blogging, I have gone on several blogs of my fellow writers and I find myself amazed at the quality of posts they offer for their readers.  As I read their posts, I will have full intentions of making this blog into a fun and informative place, but I always seem to have one of my famous squirrel-moments, and all ambition is soon forgotten.

I have come to the conclusion that I have been going about this the wrong way. I have decided that I don't need to solve the mysteries of the universe in each post, I just need to have fun, and if I am having a good time then so will you. Wow, who knew it could be that simple?

Therefore, from this day forward, I promise to keep things simple and entertaining to the best of my ability.  I will find interesting authors to interview, share the fun events of my life, and along the way I will try to share some interesting facts about the world of being a writer.