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Reviews are the one thing that every writer wants, but also dreads.  We all jump for joy over a shining 5 Star review, and hang our heads in shame when we get one of the dreaded 1 Stars.

When I received my first 1 Star review, I thought my writing career was over until my hubby suggested that I read some reviews that the famous guys have received over time. It was then that I realized a bad review will not kill you as a writer. If you get one that says you did something poorly, then you just fix it. If they don't like the ending of your book, then you just realize that not everyone will appreciate your writing style, and simply move on.

Here are the links to the reviews for all of my books. Some are wonderful, and others are, well, you'll see.

Pure Justice
No Escape/Paid in Blood
Review Link
**This book received an Honorable Mention from Up Authors in 2013.

Next Move, You're Dead
Book 1 of the Next Move, You're Dead Trilogy
Review Link

**On a side note, I have had this book completely re-edited because the Grammar-Nazis beat me up when I did my Amazon Free-Days for it. LOL

A New Game
Book 2 of the Next Move, You're Dead Trilogy
Review Link

The final installment of the 
Next Move, You're Dead Trilogy
Review Link

Next Move, You're Dead
The Trilogy Bundle
Review Link

**This book was 1 of 100 pre-loaded Kindle Fire ebooks in the 2013 Emmy Awards VIP Swag Bags, and I understand that over 600 were handed out to those attending the show that evening. I am very proud of this accomplishment.

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