Monday, June 27, 2016

PTSD Awareness on Deadly Reads Radio

I can't begin to say how excited and honored I am about this week's show on Deadly Reads-Journey into the Night.  June is PTSH Awareness Month, and this week we are bringing back Actor John Quinlan and Director/Producer Jillian Bullock to tell us about their movie  -

A Sense of Purpose
 Fighting For Their Lives
coming to theaters in 2017

John Quinlan is staring as the diabolical Captain Jake Nixon; a man who uses others without regard to the harm done by his actions.  Thank goodness John is nothing like his character because this guy will make your blood boil with rage.  Jillian Bullock has put together a strong cast of actors for this emotional roller coaster ride of a movie that touches on some difficult subjects.  Far too often, the things brought to life in this movie are swept under the rug, but through Jillian's attention to detail, I'm sure the moviegoers will leave the theater with a better understanding of PTSD and what those who serve in our military are often forced to endure.

You can learn more about John Quinlan and Jillian Bullock, the YouTube trailer for the movie and the IMDb page, as well as the Indiegogo link to help support their movie.

I hope you will join us this Thursday, June 30th at 9 pm CST (10pm eastern, 8pm mountain, or 7pm pacific) as we discuss this important movie and what can be done to help our soldiers overcome their difficulties.  To date, we have an average of 22 of our bravest committing suicide each and every day.  This statistic is simply unacceptable, and will only end once we understand their cries for help and step up to help them overcome the pain consuming their souls.
This show will be live on Blog Talk Radio, so please call in with your questions and comments.  (646) 668-2716  Use this link to listen.

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