Thursday, June 16, 2016

Author/Screen Doug Richardson NEW Lucky Dey Thriller Release

This week Author/Screenwriter Doug Richardson has released  Reaper: the second installment of The Lucky Dey Series and I wanted to help spread the word about this exciting book.  Doug has brought back Lucky Dey, an on-again/off-again Los Angeles County Sheriff’s detective who is both willful and acerbic to a dangerous fault.  Let's see what Doug says about Reaper on Amazon.

Book description:  It’s the Fourth of July holiday and Los Angeles is smothered in record heat. Newly reinstated Sheriff's Deputy Lucky Dey is rookie Shia St. George’s training officer. Lucky’s obsession with a deplorable ghettocide sets them on a collision course with a ruthless OG—Original Gangster. But the past is sneaking up on Lucky. The revelation of the Reaper tattoo he keeps under wraps arouses appetites for violence and vengeance on streets where seemingly no lives matter.   

Driven to deliver justice where injustice is a way of life, morally complex Lucky Dey handles business the only way he knows how. His way.

As you can see, Reaper looks like it will be a nail-biting, page-turning dark Thriller, and the perfect weekend read.  You can find both books of The Lucky Dey Series: Reaper and 99 Percent Kill on Amazon.  You can also get both books for FREE with Kindle Unlimited.  How cool is that?  Doug has also provided an exciting excerpt from Reaper on his blog.

Having spoken with Doug on Deadly Reads Radio this past March, I'm sure this book will be popular with fans of the Thriller genre.  We had such a good time learning of his exciting times in Hollywood as a screenwriter of such favorites as Die Hard 2, Bad Boys, Hostage, and many others.  We also learned that Doug has a dark and twisted side which is why I know if you're a fan of Dark Thrillers, this series will be something you'll enjoy.   If you'd like to listen to our fun evening with Doug, go here.


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