Friday, July 29, 2016

Dragons...Dragons...we all LOVE Dragons!

Do you love a fantasy with magical creatures and takes place in a mystical realm?  So do I.  I would like to tell you about my YA Fantasy, The Dragon's Blood Key.

One morning I woke up, possessed by a story burning in my mind.  I sat at my trusty laptop, and 2 weeks later I had sent The Dragon's Blood Key off to the editor.

This is the story of Cassy, a young woman, who with her younger brother find themselves swept away to a far off realm.  Once there, Cassy learns she must face the Evil Queen Alona in a battle to free the Kingdom of Walandra.  During her quest, Cassy learns of the fall of the Royal Family and her role in the restoration of peace in the land.  In this story, you will meet some wonderful creatures and come to learn why Cassy was chosen to face the Evil Queen.

Sometimes, the hero comes in a form least expected.  Follow Cassy as she discovers her destiny and what the future holds for her.

You can find The Dragon's Blood Key on Amazon in Digital and Print.

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