Friday, November 27, 2015

Give your child the gift of reading for Christmas

I don't know if you're aware, but I have written 2 children's books and 1 YA Fantasy.  Having 5 grandchildren of my own, they have often asked me if they could read my books.  Well, since the oldest is only 8 years old, I knew that was not an option.  So, once I had finished my last thriller, Hellfire's Judgment, I decided to write something a bit lighter to replenish my soul.
Having never written a children's book before I decided to do a simple little story of farm animals since most children love farm animals.  So, I sat down and began outlining the story and making the illustrations.  After several days of banging my head on my desk and redoing the images numerous times, Sheriff Bunny and the Lucky Horseshoe was ready to publish.  In this little story, Sheriff Bunny helps Lightening, the horse find his find his lucky horseshoe.
I cannot begin to express the joy I felt when my grandchildren told me how much they loved the story and wanted to know when I was going to continue the story of the Happy Farm Animals.

Next, I wrote Chick-A-Roo's Great Adventure. Little Chick-A-Roo dreams of being a Pirate and sail the sea in search of buried, so he decides to leave Happy Farm.  However, he soon learns that leaving isn't as easy as he had originally thought.

If you have older children who love stories with Dragons and Magical Creatures then I would suggest my first YA Fantasy, The Dragon's Blood Key

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