Thursday, January 17, 2013

Linda L Barton-Indie Writer here and I’m ready to jump into the World of Blogging with everyone else.  So, let me see, where do I start?  I guess a good place would be to tell you why I write, and the reason I chose my genre.

I had a friend ask my once why I write and I had to admit the question stumped me for a few moments, but then it came to me.  Since the dawn of time mankind has loved to tell stories; from the cave man carving his tales of the Great Hunt on the walls of his cave to the great authors of today who have a story burning deep inside of them with the need to be told.  Now, I'm not trying to say that I'm a great author, but I do have stories inside of me that I love to share with readers.  I've tried to write Romance and SciFi, but I soon learned I love to write dark and twisted stories were the reader loses themselves in my world and begins to question their own reality.

My debut book was Next Move, You're Dead. When I was ready to publish for the first time I sent it to an ex-publisher who specializes in helping first time authors.  I had read his newsletter for months as I finished my book, so when it was time to take the next step I sent him part of my manuscript to see what he thought.  While he told me that he enjoyed it, he also told me that I hadn't followed the proper rules in laying out my story plot.  While I was thankful for his feedback, the suggestions he offered not only completely changed my story, but also took all the mystery and surprise out of it for the reader.  Therefore, I decided to take the chance and believe in the story as it was written.  You see, that's what's great about being an Indie Writer. We make the decision on what to write and publish, so if it's a failure we have only ourselves to blame, but if it's a success....well, then it's time to do the Happy Dance and grin like a damn fool.  So, while I haven't written a New York Best Seller yet, I have written a few books readers seem to enjoy and with the help of my friends "the voices", I'll write many more.

So, welcome to my little blog and I hope you drop by often to see what crazy stuff I'm up to and hopefully you’ll leave me a comment.

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