Sunday, January 20, 2013

As I got out of my bed this morning, I found myself consumed with a feeling of pure contentment and peace.  I know you probably wonder what special thing happened to bring about my mood, but to be honest it was just my life and the joy I have living it.  So many times, we find ourselves caught up in the everyday drudgery that we forget to stop and just enjoy the simplest things.  Like the way the dew sparkles like diamonds on the grass as it’s kissed by the sun for those first moments, or how the animals scurry about in search for their morning meal.  Too often, we forget to stop and enjoy these simplest pleasures of life.

Being an indie writer can distract you from those pleasures.  You find yourself so caught up in the lives of your characters that you sometimes forget to live your own life.  Then you add all the long hours for editing, formatting, and promoting that soon this career choice has selfishly consumed every hour of your day.  So, why would someone choose to write?  In spite of what everyone may believe, it’s not for the riches or fame because I have yet to see either.  No, it is for something much simpler.  You see, a writer has to write because we have a story inside of us begging to be told.  Some have a great love story, others a terrifying book of monsters or vampires while writes such as myself, love to spin a tale of thrills and suspense.

Therefore, tomorrow morning when you climb out of your warm, cozy bed take a moment to look outside and enjoy those simple pleasures that life has to offer because before you know it your life will be over and you would have missed it all.

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