Wednesday, March 8, 2017

I'm doin' the Happy Dance

When I published my debut book in 2011, I was as green as they come.  I had no idea what it took to be a Self-Published Author, but over time I decided it was best to learn as much about the self-publishing industry as possible.  So, I buckled down and began. I have to say I never would have done it without all those great YouTube instructional videos. LOL

Over the last several months I have been busy working on projects for other authors through Deadly Reads Author Services.  First, there was a Military Thriller Trilogy for a first-time author where a complete edit, formatting for print and e-book, and covers for print and ebook were performed.  The next projects were 2 children's books where I did all the illustrations, formatted for print and ebook, and made both covers.

I put in some LONG hours on those projects, so when I sent the last book today to the happy author, I felt as though a thousand pounds was lifted off my shoulders.  Now I get a breather to work on my own stuff before the next projects begin in a couple of months.  But which project should I do?  I guess I'll put the names of my books waiting to be finished into a hat and see which one is the winner.  LOL

If any of you need help getting your masterpiece ready for publication, I'd love to give you a quote.

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